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As a registered nurse, I make sure that I take care of my patients. I will do in my power to protect my patients to the point that I will sacrifice my life just for the sake of putting my patients’ life as my first priority. I love my job… Continue reading

Caring for patients and families during one of the most vulnerable times in their lives and making a difference through the critical care nurse’s knowledge, clinical expertise and collaborative skills—which is a real adrenaline rush, according to Stephanie Kline, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS. Kline is a past-president of the American Association… Continue reading

nursing preparednessOf course I do not think of myself as one of those crazy people you see on reality TV shows, but I do believe in being prepared for health emergencies. We live in rural North Carolina, about one hundred miles from Wilmington and about as far from Raleigh I suppose.… Continue reading

Becoming an Independent Nurse ProviderPeople in the health care field with entrepreneurial attributes will continue to find ways to work their trade outside the usual settings especially that the health care is considered to be a growth industry. If you are highly organized, confident enough and self-motivated to operate business – choosing to be… Continue reading

Benefits Packages for Registered NursesRegistered nurses are still in a high demand and as the need for nurses were expected to bloat by 22 percent through 2018 as of May 2008, from the data of Bureau of Labor Statistics. Several health care companies have been affected by the scarcity of registered nurses, thus, medical… Continue reading

Facing the challenge of nurses todayIn all possible occupations, we can’t 100 percent avoid human errors. But having such in medical occupations can be fatal. May it be negligence or pure accident, once the action results to something fatal, the case may leave doctors and even nurses bankrupt.

A common error done by nurses occurs… Continue reading

 Repealing the Federal long-term insurance The CLASS Act is in the risk of being revoked. The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Program (CLASS)Act, which was achieved by Ted Kennedy is now voted to be repealed by 267-159 majority in the Senate House.

As remembered, the act was created in the hope of bringing long-term… Continue reading

Get ready for your nursing insuranceNurses are among those busy people. You work 24 hours a day. You are always on call for duty. Because of your busy schedule, health and other matters are neglected. Now is the time to prepare for your future. Purchase your nursing insurance as early as today. You cannot predict… Continue reading